Software used: Blender, Substance 3D Painter

Sci-fi Tactical Assault Rifle

Software used: Maya, Substance Painter A sci-fi Tactical Assault Rifle I made as a hard-surface and Substance Painter pra

Stylized chesterfield chair & couch

Software used: Maya, Substance Painter A stylized chesterfield chair and couch I made as a personal project. Chair &

Project: Star Trek: Bridge Crew (port to Oculus Quest)

Platform: Oculus QuestGenre: Strategy, MultiplayerRelease: 2019Engine: Unity For Star Trek: Bridge Crew Qu

Project: Time Stall

Platform: Oculus Quest Genre: Puzzle/Adventure Release: 2019 Engine: UE4 For Timestall, I worked on the fo

Project: Pet Lab

Platform: Oculus Gear VR & Oculus GoGenre: Puzzle, simulationRelease: 2018Engine: UE4 For Pet Lab, I w

Project: National Geographic: Explore VR

Platform: Oculus QuestGenre: EducationalRelease: 2019Engine: UE4 For National Geographic: Explore VR, I wo

Project: TERM1NAL

Platform: Oculus Gear VR Genre: Action/Adventure Release: 2017 Engine: Unity For TERM1NAL, I worked on the following: UI/UX: v

Project: Coaster Combat

Platform: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go, Oculus QuestGenre: ActionRelease: 2018/2020Engine: UE4 For Coaster C

Project: Landfall

Platform: Oculus RiftGenre: Action, Top down, StrategyRelease: 2017Engine: UE4 For Landfall, I worked on t

Halo: Spartan Strike

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, iOSGenre: ActionRelease: 2015Engine: Custom engine by Vanguard Games For Halo:

Project: Halo: Spartan Assault

Platform: Windows (steam), Windows Phone, iOS, Xbox 360, Xbox OneGenre: Action, MultiplayerRelease: 2013Engine: